THE TWO JOHNS (You know who you are)

Sent to CFN 4/11/2011
Dear Editor,
First of all, let me applaud you on the wonderful things that you are doing to put the Douglass news on the map.  


Secondly, I would like to voice my concern by addressing these issues.


The reason why some of the Douglass graduates do not want to participate in the Douglass Alumni Association is because of the ATTITUDES of some of the "supposedly" top officials (past & present).  True enough, it is okay to sponsor the Scholarship Program for the graduates of Douglass or whomever, but it should also be to SERVE the citizens of the Douglass Community.  Most Alumni Associations in other neighborhoods, not only sponsor the Scholarship Programs, but also give back to their Community.  Do the Douglass Alumni give back to the Community by serving the ELDERLY, seeing to the needs of the SICK & SHUT IN, or even focusing on trying to help our CHILDREN with various programs that should be offered to them, along with trying to get our YOUNG BOYS & YOUNG MEN off the corners selling DRUGS, etc., educate our YOUNG GIRLS about TEEN PREGNACY?  No, but this is what we need to do to in order to provide good quality care for the Community not just for the School.  At one time or another, the citizens of the Douglass Community attended Douglass High School (whether they graduated or not).  In reality, we all are AlumniÕs here in the Community known as (Douglass, Crump & Bungalow).  


Remember, there is only one way for the Douglass Alumni to provide services for the welfare of our Community, and it is to give back to ALL who may be in need. A CHANGE needs to take place and it will regardless of whether the original Douglass Alumni is behind the Community or not.


This is 2011 and not 1911.
-From a Concerned Citizen of Douglass- (A Non-Alumni Member)


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