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Down in Flames
by James Yates Jr.

CFN-Memphis (An Editorial) - Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton gives CommonFolkNews the very best example of why a change is needed. What Hillary Clinton is showing Americans is what Kenny Rogers so eloquently sang in his song, "You got to know when to hold them know when to fold them." He went on to say, "Know when to walk away and know when to run." Whoever is running Hillary's campaign sure in hell did not listen to Kenny Rogers. Do I detect a bit of déjà vu here? Isn't this similar to the reason why we can't seem to get out of Iraq! A war Hillary supported and voted for.

This government does not know when to hold them and when to fold them and walking away or running just isn't in the American plan. To amuse your audience, in the eyes of defeat as Hillary is doing, is nothing more than buffoonish.

The attitude you see in Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton is so typical of this government. She clearly is willing to give or lend her own money, in excess of $10 million now, in order to continue to amuse and posture as if she has a fighting chance.

Kenny Rogers also said, "You never count your money while you're sitting at the table, there will be time enough for counting when the dealings done." Well, Hillary broke this rule too. Earlier in her campaign she was talking as if she had already won the primary and was already living in the White House! But doesn't it seem kinda sad that she squandered millions on a campaign that made bad decision after bad decision. The only reason that I can offer for these types of mistakes is that she clearly underestimated Obama and the message that he has built his campaign around. It's time for a CHANGE.

I ask, who in the hell was advising Hillary during this period? And why did they allow her to appear to peak so early when the contest hadn't even gotten to it's half way point yet? Maybe Hillary was screaming for cash then.

Hillary’s attitude is also typical of American companies that have straight out lied stating "everything is fine" when they were preparing to file for bankruptcy just prior to running away with millions in profits from the American taxpayers. We have seen CEO's say what bad shape they were in; received a bailout from the American government then went on to make record profits not having to repay one cent.

You know the story; it's the same game going on. They do it the same way in upstate New York as they do it in the South. So don't be talking about my brothers and sisters in the South. My dearly beloved brother said, "If you are south of the Canadian border you are in the South." Americans are accustomed to being lied to, tricked and hoodwinked. And no place better to hear these lies than on Wall Street and in the White House. Professional liars that have broken down the trust Americans use to have in this government. Maybe that trust was poorly placed since the very beginning. Liars that will take your money today and file for bankruptcy tomorrow. The good ole American way.

The problem with this scenario is clear. Its Greed.

Many Americans are walking away from their homes in the middle of the night regardless of the consequences of defaulting on a mortgage. They feel it's the best decision they can make while their government sat idly by while big businesses took advantage of and raped its citizens.

To continue in a fight where the path you are taking leads to the slaughterhouse, is simply foolish. Again, so typical of the government and how it handles many of the most important issues that Americans are facing today.

Do not mistake my words; this is not a pitch or showing of support for Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama. He just happens to be the one that is running on the concept which is the target of this editorial. Change.

Americans across the nation are ready for change. And because of Hillary's old school attitude of how she plans to do business in Washington, I say she is at the bottom of the list to be chosen for a vice-presidential seat. Will never happen. She would do more to sabotage Barrack’s mission to change the way Washington works than help.

Hillary should shape up, straighten out and get in line to help with the defeat of George Bush-McCain.

It seems as though she would rather burn and go down in flames than succeed the nomination to Obama. Sad. And she looks like a nice lady.

Maybe Americans aren't crazy after all considering Hillary is funding a good portion of her campaign herself!







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