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Shelby County Court Sting

Treatment of my Brothers

Hillary Clinton
Down in Flames

Make whatcha got work because if you can't, when you get something new, how you gonna make that work to.

...its determined by the beholder

The type of democracy that seems to be shaping in parts of North Africa and the Middle East may be unique and quite different in some ways from what we know democracy to be here in the United States.

Before our eyes, in multiple places across the globe, citizens have revolted against their governments.

Anti government protesters in Egypt Libya, and Tunisia all want immediate change to it's government's leadership. I can't help but from thinking that some form of democracy is on the horizon.

Maybe a rather different type of democracy than what we may be use to here stateside.

A democracy built and maintained by Muslims. The very religion of people that the United States all but demonized for all reasons to their benefit.

As several national uprisings occur simultaneously in North Africa and the Middle East, I can not help from thinking that the definition of democracy must be changing before our eyes.

Millions have demonstrated across Africa and the middle east yet democracy seems to be NOT so easily attainable while within the grips of Kings and Dictators.

Eager to keep their control, these regimes of Dictators and Kings seem to work well with those in the United States that claim to know democracy yet funds the very regimes that are steadfast on keeping it's people as far away from democracy as possible.

This makes Americans hypocrites. In the eyes of themselves we proclaim to uphold democratic values and policies yet turn a blind eye to those allies whos hell bent on keeping it's people oppressed, imprisoned and impoverished.

While Libya and Jordan both wrestle with their efforts to attain a greater degree of democracy within their governments, what positions will Americans take to uphold the values they have been so fast to send it's troops around the world to maintain.

American democracy. Only means that democracy in which America supports.

With reports of unreast in Jordan, Egypt and Bahrain, home to the U.S. Navy's 5th Fleet, Israel finds itself in an even more difficult position as they continue it's settlement building and oppression of the Palistinian people.

Not for much longer will the Palestinians throw rocks while Israel attacks with jet fighter aircraft and tanks.*

Live Up to What You
Wrote on Paper America
by James Yates Jr.

CFN December 2010 – Why are we talking in this country about prosecuting a member of the media, Wikileaks.

When this story first broke there were probably no one in America that did not want to see the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, arrested strung up and quartered.

Our position is that......(read more in our legal section.)

New York City Discrimination
The Big Apple is getting a bit sweeter
by James Yates Jr.

(CFN-August 2010) - The importance of whistle blower protections in the workplace is about as important as receiving a paycheck at the end of the pay period. Its essential.

We highlight the following case as example of this fact.

The most important civil rights case for Blacks in the last 40 years!

http://www.ny1.com/?ArID=123238 View this video clip first and follow this very important case.

The Vulcan Society, the official organization for New York city’s Black firefighters, is central to this case.

View this video in its entirety please. It is approximately 25 minutes in length. The video is a must see and is a press conference held with the Plaintiffs Attorney and current and former presidents of the Vulcan Society.


COMMONFOLKNEWS Online fully supports its brothers in the city of New York in their fight against what we believe to be the most blatant discrimination to have been unveiled in the last 40 years.

We strongly encourage our readers to view the above videos in their entirety. This is a very important and encouraging case to Blacks across the country.

The Judges ruling in pdf.

Send your comments to the editor.


An Open Letter to White America
by James Yates Jr.

I heard a republican say on TV the other day that they (republicans) want all Americans to have jobs. And of course this is true. White America does want all Americans to have jobs. They just want to pay below the poverty level for those jobs.

America seems to be addicted to free labor. Not willing to pay the American worker a fair and decent honest wage.

While America promotes democracy and freedom for people across the globe, America was very slow to respond to the peaceful democratic revolution that is undergoing in Egypt.

America stop supporting third world labor, Dictators that abuse and misuse their people and other leaders that have shown a disregard for human life.

Americans seem fast to jump to defend democracy in areas where their interest is at stake. But disregard other democratic uprisings for the sake of interest and not democracy itself.

How can Americans expect to receive support from it's own people when they are helping to abuse and misuse people across the globe.

To support such policies only makes Americans hypocrites and their international reputation weaker.

At the current pace of things, Americans will not be welcomed in many countries across the globe in no time soon.

America nor Israel cannot possibly standup to democracy when they lollygag in the eyes of the world when democratic processes are being crushed by an oppressive government.

The people will prevail. Continue the fight my brothers the world is with you and watching.

While America seems to have found herself on the wrong side of the coin as it relates to Arab Jewish relations, The entire world seems to be angry at the Jews for one thing or another.

America needs to balance the scales between a worldwide hatred for the Jews and support for the Muslims.

Continuing their settlements into the West Bank, the Israelies seem to be operating without any rules of law.

While the Palestinians have been know to throw sticks and stones while the Israelies use machine guns, tanks and kill at will. The tide seems to be turning with the revolution in Egypt and other uprisings in the Middle East.

While Americans seems not too bothered by these events, such events could very well upset the fabric of life as we know it in America.

News out of Egypt has reported that millions of anti government protesters lined the streets to say NO to 30 year dictator Hosni Mubarack.

Now the fight continues as they have pledged not to leave the heart of Cairo until their demands have been met.


Who Does Senator Norris (R) from Tennessee Represent?

CFN Memphis TN Feb. 1, 2010 –

His proposal.....(Read it for yourself)

Apparrently a group of White Shelby Countians that are against a progressive and on the move Black leadership in Memphis. Attempting to thwart through legislation the natuaral occurrances of mankind. Growth and prosperity. In this case it is the growth and prosperity of Blacks in Memphis.

Senator Norris is now seeking special legislation to thwart the progress of Black Memphians.

If this were not the case, then Senator Norris would be supporting what is inevitably going to happen. A consolidation of MCS and SCS.

While many White Shelby Countians would rather move to a neighboring county to raise their children before allowing them to be schooled with negros, there are just as many Whites that do not mind schooling with Blacks.

Shelby Countians may feel a sudden rush of Blacks into their colorless neighborhoods, but I assure you a little color never hurt anyone.

Nevertheless, Blacks that I tend to speak with seem to have the greatest problem with the concept called "priviledge".

The sense of priviledge that Whites display in their ownership of the land, it's people and all else that encompasses it is truly amazing. They really believe the earth belongs to them!

Be patient my brother, just be patient.•

As I see Shelby County and it's little lilly white portrait of a place where negros would never inhabit, I began to see a slightly more aggressive negro thats far better educated than his Memphis brotheren from years ago.

But what else is to happen with an ever growing Black Memphis population that is expanding.

Are we to ever come from under the bus and consolidate our land and our finances in the hopes of building a bigger, better and more stronger Memphis?

Surely we have even more might than what is currently on display.

And tolerance, oh yes! We do have tolerance. Still remembering the freshly ground salt that lined the fresh wounds made from the crack of a bull whip.

Rest easy my brother, rest easy.

More coming Soon!



Coming February 2011!






Sea Isle Elementary

Idlewild Elementary

Minority Scholarships

"As for the press, the authors regarded a free press as almost a fourth branch of government, constantly keeping tabs on the government's activities and actions. Though... read more in Legal

Other Links














Origami for Peace Coalition
Eddie Joseph, Founder

Hiroshima August 6, 1945
by Eddie Joseph

That fateful summer, 8:15. The roar of a B-29 breaks the morning calm. A parachute opens in the blue sky. Then suddenly, a flash, an enormous blast − silence − hell on Earth.

The eyes of young girls watching the parachute were melted. Their faces became giant charred blisters. The skin of people seeking help dangled from their fingernails. Their hair stood on end. Their clothes were ripped to shreds. People trapped in houses toppled by the blast were burned alive. Others died when their eyeballs and internal organs burst from their bodies−Hiroshima was a hell where those who somehow survived envied the dead.

Within the year, 140,000 had died. Many who escaped death initially are still suffering from leukemia, thyroid cancer, and a vast array of other afflictions.

But there was more. Sneered at for their keloid scars, discriminated against in employment and marriage, unable to find understanding for profound emotional wounds, survivors suffered and struggled day after day, questioning the meaning of life.

And yet, the message born of that agony is a beam of light now shining the way for the human family. To ensure that “no one else ever suffers as we did,” the hibakusha have continuously spoken of experiences they would rather forget, and we must never forget their accomplishments in preventing a third use of nuclear weapons.

Despite their best efforts, vast arsenals of nuclear weapons remain in high states of readiness−deployed or easily available. Proliferation is gaining momentum, and the human family still faces the peril of extinction. This is because a handful of old-fashioned leaders, clinging to an early 20th century worldview in thrall to the rule of brute strength, are rejecting global democracy, turning their backs on the reality of the atomic bombings and the message of the hibakusha.

However, here in the 21st century the time has come when these problems can actually be solved through the power of the people. Former colonies have become independent. Democratic governments have taken root. Learning the lessons of history, people have created international rules prohibiting attacks on non-combatants and the use of inhumane weapons. They have worked hard to make the United Nations an instrument for the resolution of international disputes. And now city governments, entities that have always walked with and shared in the tragedy and pain of their citizens, are rising up. In the light of human wisdom, they are leveraging the voices of their citizens to lift international politics.

Because “Cities suffer most from war,” Mayors for Peace, with 1,698 city members around the world, is actively campaigning to eliminate all nuclear weapons by 2020.

Edward M. Joseph
Message 309 218 9392 Fax and Voice


Mr. Audrey Ivey

Called Home on:


Please be advised of the passing of Mr. Audrey Ivy(103yrs.) on Tuesday, 4 Oct. 2011. Services as Follows;Tuesday, 11 October @ The Greater Abyssinia Baptist Church, 1161 E. 105th Street, Cleveland Oh 44108 (11:30 a.m.) Strowder Funeral Chapel. 822 E. 105th Street
Claudia Marie Ivy Daniels Jackson



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