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From Democrat to Independent?

by James Yates Jr.

An Editorial Opinion

(CFN-Memphis) ...and we are also fed up with this dance of love, deceit, and trickery that appears to have taken place right under our noses with yet another presidential election. I talk with people everyday about politics and other worldly events, and the CFN verdict is in. We are FED UP!

And what does any of this has to do with being Democrat or Independent...maybe nothing at all, but we do have a choice. Consider this, Independents think independently, vote their conscious and do not feel that neither party Democrat or Republican addresses the issues they feel should be addressed. I like to look at it like this, Democrats vote with the Democrats, and Republicans vote with the Republicans. Independents think for themselves and vote based on what they think are the issues and who addresses them best. You decide. Just remember....we do have a choice.

The economy is terrible, we continue to be lied to, still don't know where those tainted tomatoes came from, no one seems to want to go up against big prescription drug manufacturers, President Bush's friends and closest advisors are constantly in the news regarding questionable business policies and contracts (and Bush never seems to know anything about such) Obama's not saying anything different than he was 6 months ago, he and Hillary look like the perfect couple as I see them on stage together, Michelle could easily have problems with Hillary if she ends up on the ticket, but i highly doubt it. I mean its like Hillary is in love all over again. And I am still wondering what they had to discuss after she conceded defeat and they ditched their staff and members of the press.

It's really like a soap opera. And the media somehow still seems to put a smiling face on it when they discuss the most ridiculous of topics about the candidates these days. Why don't they ever cover the real issues like asking our Congressional representatives why did it take millions on top of millions of illegals crossing the border before it came up for discussion in congress. Or even perhaps why does the American public seem to be the last one to know. My overseas brothers and sisters seems to know what this government is up to before we even hear about it!

Have you also heard the ole saying, "by the time a black man, or in this case a half black man, gets the job it will be in part because no one else wants it?". How much worse can America's reputation become around the globe. Will Obama term or terms be ruined before they really get started because he will clearly inherit one of the worse conditons of our economy since the great depression if he is elected. There is no way he can fix the mess that we are in and he will ultimately get a good portion of the blame. And of course if Obama does not do a sufficiently good job he will leave America with a tainted impression of how effective a half black man can be in a predominently white society.

And how about Bill, does America still believes that he was our 1st Black President or has he been demoted to being "Massa" after all. I'll tell you, there is so much cocka going on that it's no wonder that 80% of Americans are hooked on prescription drugs and the other 20% are hooked on something else.

And am I the only one that thinks that Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rove are in some kind of way going to be cleared of any wrong doings. They probably already have.

Note: on the Shelby County Voter's Registration form this is no place to designate your party affiliation. You only need to declare your party when voting in a Democratic/Republican primary. ;-)


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