This was written in response to an article published in the local paper on July 1, 2008 written by Marilyn Loeffel. And boy, did she step in it good!


There you all go again!!!

by Red Rennie
Tue, 01 Jul 2008 20:10:05
(CFN-Memphis TN) - I have always been fascinated by how fellow Americans can be so different in their perspectives that they can be on the border of being enemies. That is the feeling of many of the guys in my discussion group. Your comments today in the opinions section further demonstrate this.

First you slam Obama by saying that he "fully supports abortion." Well many Americans do not support aborting babies, but we still do not feel that we have the right to tell a free thinking woman that she cannot remove whatever she wants from her body. What's hard to understand about personal choice. So you want to have the right to tell a woman what she can or can't do with her body. Be real.

You then spout off about many citizens who will "pull the lever for any black candidate." Well consider this .  How many people like you will "not pull the lever for a candidate because he is black? " I'll tell you that Black people in America have all voted for a white man at some time in our voting life. But I'll guarantee that white people like you have not ever, and will never vote for a black person. So if anyone in this country has a history of voting colorblind, it is the Black people. Get help for your selective amnesia.

You say that McCain has survived being a POW and has been a Senator. Well help me to associate how being a prisoner in a jail gives you qualifications to run a country. Oh, you want sympathy for his ordeal and maybe that sympathy will translate to voting for the guy. Quit begging. And being in the Senate does not mean that you have a good brain. I mean brains enough to be a fair, competent President. You voted for a bum like Bush for the last eight years and you want to not talk about him. You want America to forget that conservatives like you will pawn any bum on Americans simply because he is a conservative Republican. You don't want to mention him, do you? We who think alike will never forget how conservatives like you will support an incompetent like the present President and make your country suffer. You all have no credibility now. Obama being President will not destroy America. In fact America needs an injection of fairness and consideration for all Americans, something that Bush and you conservatives do not seem to be familiar with.

Taking on the job as US president is a tricky situation. You inherit the conditions left by the previous President. To me as good an approach as any would be to run the U.S. as a parent raises children. You want to get them to adulthood and on their own without any tragedy happening to them while they are young and inexperienced.

The U.S. president has a responsibility to move the nation forward and improve some conditions. A president cannot fix every problem in 4 years. What those who have been touted as good presidents have done is to pick a particular issue or two and make that issue their focus of improvement. Eisenhower was remembered for his stability during post war and cold war Europe. Kennedy was known for his support of space exploration and the beginnings of the civil right act. Johnson got the civil right act passed. Nixon ended the Vietnam War and opened relations with China. Jimmy Carter was a one-term wonder but he was probably the only honest man in the bunch, and America at the time wanted a back biting snake that would keep them on top of the world. So they chose old man Reagan who is remembered by them as the one who brought down the iron curtain and USSR. Of course the first Bush was also a one-term wonder that only improved the conditions of the elite rich of the world. Bush focused on CIA issues like the middle east and Sadaam Hussein but was not known for any accomplishment except invading Kuwait. Clinton did what most decent presidents do which is keep the country moving and not lead it to hell. This is something that bum Bush Jr. cannot do. He leaves no legacy except leading us to war in Iraq, world hatred, and on the path to hell.




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