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What Have We Become

(CFN Memphis) An Editorial - 40 years ago Blacks and some Whites walked arm in arm against an oppressor willing to use whatever force necessary to maintain a level of social control over a people looking for peace, equal opportunity and their place in American society.

They faced high-pressure water hoses from the fire department and the vicious attacks from police dogs with the sold intent of demoralizing the spirit of those still seeking freedom in America. We stood together in the workplace against a system of government that we knew was against us and did not want to recognize us as being 100% citizens.

Then we stood together. Today we have drifted far away from the strategy that began the civil rights movement. Those days defined the old cliché, "all for one and one for all." But today, Black Americans seem just as displaced as we were some 400 years ago. During my lifetime, I have not seen nor am I of the mindset that Blacks speak with anymore of one voice than we did then.

Time and time again situations arise that would indicate that our standards have been compromised. In the year 2008, we seem to be more like the White America that we fought so hard against to correct the unequal opportunity that existed at their hands of influence. Instead of having changed the wrong policies that we thought were so unfair, we have begun to side with those policies and the institutions that created them. Instead of fighting for real change in America, we have succumb to the majority and become just as they are. Filled with greed, selfishness and promoting unequal opportunity at each turn of the corner.

We seem to take the attitude that, "I got mine so you'd better get yours." An attitude those still in power today can clearly see and pat those negroes on the back that continue to turn their backs on their brothers and sisters.

These are not CommonFolk. CommonFolk share a common bond. A bond that is not broken at the hands of the unfair, discriminating, cruel and vicious. CommonFolk stand together in mind and in body. We support one another in times of distress. We share the bread at our tables during times of difficulty. And we will always believe that as long as we have .50¢ cents that our brother or sister has .25¢.

Real change in America has not yet occurred. I thought the whole issue with the civil rights movement was to provide equal opportunity and civil rights across the board to every American. Then why are so many civil rights violated and so little equal opportunity exists even today? Why has the country found itself making the same types of mistakes as we did 40 years ago?

The answer is quite simple and clear. The same institutions, mindset, and policies that ran America then are running America now. The same family of corruption has extended its wings to include Black Americans that partake in many of the racist policies and institutions that should have been dismantled years ago. The same ideals are still in play today and they are deeply entrenched wanting to keep things as they were prior to the civil war era.

These are the basic principles that CommonFolk believe we as Black people in America have stepped away from while in pursuit of the values that we have seen White America hold on to since the creation of this country. These values are: greed, elitism, selfishness, and white supremacy. Our efforts as Blacks in this country have only helped the white establishment continue on its course against us and others in America. He I tell you is still on the rampage. He is still robbing and stealing. He is still using others to promote and grow his own well being. He I tell you, will lead this country back into a time when it will be faced with defending itself from within. He has been the root of the evil that has plagued this country since he began bringing Africans to these shores in his slave ships.

And because America has been so reluctant to change its bloody and despicable ways, we find ourselves in the middle of a Presidential election that pits "Old against New." In this case, the old being the privileged ways and thoughts of the Clintons and the New ideas and thoughts that Obama brings. Republican Presidential candidate McCain falls under this "Old" column and not because of his age. He represents the old thoughts and mentality that has plagued and bogged down Washington. These thoughts have become an institution that is NOT of the people and run by the people.

We have been led astray and have continued to be tricked. And we are still being tricked to believe that all is fair and in order in this country. We have much to learn about the tactics still in use by the white man in order to keep his kind at the top and his foot on the backs of other Americans. If what we have accomplished is reason to celebrate, then I say you are celebrating over the crumbs because you know not of what the real riches this country has to offer.

A final note: What we as Black Americans have yet to teach White America is that we can be very quick to change our minds to support anything that represents what we have been seeking for so long; change in America.

Take the Clintons for example. The entire country actually called this white man "our First Black President" all because he was the closest thing to anything Black many of us have seen in the White House during our lifetime. And what has happened; as soon as we get 1/2 of a Black man to run for the highest office in the land we're ready to throw both Clintons overboard for someone more Black than we thought he was. Maybe rightfully so, but wow, how one election can change things in America as it did when George W. Bush was sworn into office. It seemed as though overnight, everyone in America was looking for a job. And it's gotten a whole lot worse since then.

I commend not only Black America for supporting a very seemingly humble Presidential candidate as Barack Obama, but I applaud White America as well for seeing past the color barrier and supporting change.

This is what’s needed if America is truly going to make a change for the better for all of its citizens. The enthusiasms I see in Black, White and other Americans for what Obama represents is truly fascinating. Even if you are not for Obama, I’m sure you have given him a double take and hopefully willing to give him a single chance.

We are tired of the Old Guard that runs Washington.

It’s time for a change. Good luck Obama, it's not over yet!

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