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(from l to r:) 1.The City of Memphis' 2000 Mayoral Election Issue
2.) Famous TV Judge-Judge Joe Brown (click here to go to website)
and Independent Movie Director Michael Tabor
3.) Dr. Sybil Mitchell (click to email); well known activist and upholder of women's rights)
4.) Then, Shelby County Commissioner Shep Wilbun
5.) Memphis Sanitation worker and still sitting Memphis City Council member Joe Brown (click here to go to web page)



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-Black Indians
-Origami for Peace

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-Counting Votes Like Cash
Barbara Ervin
-The Blagojevich Case
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-Tennessee Dept of Labor

About Us

CommonFolkNews™, was founded on the principle that all Americans want the same things in life. The ability to purchase and maintain a home, have dependable transportation, earn a decent wage, to have good, safe and affordable schooling for our children, and to be able to afford quality health care and maintenance. Last but not least, we want the ability to be able to save a penny or two for those difficult times that lie ahead.

CommonFolk are of like minds more so than anything else. We treat our brothers and sisters, as we would want to be treated. We seek out other CommonFolk and enjoy the company and conversation of one another.

Our target audience is the working to middleclass American worker. They want to see a change in the status quo and have embraced CommonFolkNews™ since it’s debut in 1998.

We expect many things from the working class and expect to give even more in return. So our content targets this audience, however we hope all visitors and readers will find our content useful, helpful and unique.

The online version of CommonFolkNews™ is an online publication that was originally founded in Memphis TN in 1998 and allowed then and now, experienced journalist and freelanced writers to report and have their content published. Opinions from the public are not only welcomed but are highly encouraged.

Our distribution then, was small in comparison to other media outlets, yet our content reached thousands within the city of Memphis and it’s surrounding metropolitan area. Our distribution strategy, using downtown Memphis as our distribution headquarters, proved quite successful. We adopt this same type of strategy in distrubuting our online content as well, believing that the Memphis content applies to many other city throughout the United States.

Embarking upon this online journey and using Memphis TN as our base, we intend to broaden our reach to other major markets across the country by reporting and editorializing on the issues that all Americans can relate to and hopefully support.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to continuing our mission in providing you with content from CommonFolk that has a “Unique Perspective”.


*Disclaimer: All views and opinions expressed within this website are not necessarily the views and opinions of CommonFolkNews™

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