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Preface to "Power of Knowledge"

Ella Wheeler Wilcox in her poem "The Black Mans Burden" corroborates what I have been a witness to as far back in my life as I can remember.
My deepest desire was always to know, when you finally become aware of who you are, and to genuinely understand what's really going on in your life and in the world. This instinctive desire to know was not something that I was so into, but rather something that was so into me.

Beginning after my seventh grade in school it started to become a burden because I had lived for 12 years and I still didn't know. And it was not until recently a few years ago that my eyes were opened and my mind was changed, not over night but gradually I begin to see my existence, this world, as well as my life and the lives of others in a different way, and born out of this change of mind is the person I am today.

And I understood everything so different and it became so clear and I knew I was finally able to lay down that burden of "wanting to know" and I will never carried it again because now I do know. I know that truth is a power everlasting and all mighty and it never changes. A force of power having no beginning or end that goes on forever.

Many people refer to this powerful force of truth as God, some call it Jehovah, there are many other names that different kinds of men have chosen, but you may call it what ever you choose.

There are men who say that a man can be the owner of this power but to those men I would say you've been misled. There are those who would dismiss this untraditional changing of mind and think of such behavior in a morbid sense, but to these I would ask, is it so eerie to discover a lie?

I know true knowledge exist that can be known and also true knowledge exist that cannot be known. It is this true knowledge of the unknown that I know I have no need for. All I need to know is that it's the only power that exists. And I know that if I were to seek this power to have for myself, then that would constitute a rebellion. A rebellion against power that not only is impossible to defeat, but foolish to attempt to go beyond my limit and conquer this power. The end result of such an attempt will be the end of my life.

I know now that I didn't have to carry this burden of "wanting to know" for so long if I had been taught what is true at a time when I was a child when my mind was as hungry as my body. So, in case you have not read this powerful poem written by her (The Black Man’s Burden) this is it.
But, before you read it, read this, it’s just a simple poetic illustration of the inspirational picture her poem has shown me, simply titled, POWER OF KNOWLEDGE.

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