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Class of 1977

Thank you Ms. Hunter (Taylor)!


Suzette Hunter (Taylor)
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From the Class of 1961

Douglass Alumni Association 2009 Election Winners!

A Special Message from
Mr. Sydney Bowen

A Special Publisher's Note

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The Douglass Alumni page

The Memphis Chapter
Douglass Alumni

Ronald Claxton is looking for the class of 1979 regarding it's
"30th Class Reunion".
Please help to locate anyone you know in the class of '79.
Ronald's email address is: reunion1979dhs@aol.com his immediate telephone # is: (901)581-6675

The 2009 Douglass Alumni Convention will be held in Washington D.C.

"Memorial Bricks"
Any and everyone can purchase bricks to be place in the school, on the "Memorial Wall" for a friend or loved one.

Please email Regina Hill
for more information.

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