"As we approach this 2010 National Convention, let us all be mindful of the history, the culture and the people that we represent. We rank among the best of what Memphis has to offer.
We are a family and proud of it.
Our spirit of do good and of southern hospitality we plan to show Atlanta come July 2010!
Thanks for your continued support and will see ya in ATLANTA! jy 02/2010

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Why a Douglass Alumni Business Listing?

During recent Douglass alumni deliberations regarding vendors for a particular project, the subject came up about businesses that were owned by Douglass graduates and family members. Not one business listing of such exist. CFN wants to and plans to change that.

The alumni is a thriving and growing organization. It's perfectly fine to do business with your own. It is perfectly fine to have an alumni business listing for those ocassions when the alumni chooses to consider hiring from within.

In the upcoming weeks, CFN will be seeking the collaboration with high ranking Douglass organizational administrators to assist in making such a listing a tool to be used by the alumni to it's maximum financial benefit.

This listing is needed. And the success of it is in great part up to the effort that is put into it by members, family members and others of the Douglass community.

The standards will be set high. Businesses that do not see an increase in their bottom line for being listed in such a directory, CFN will personally work towards finding out why, and how to reverse such trends.

This undertaking will continue regardless; and will for sure evolve into something that will be a benefit and a plus to the Douglass community.


James Yates Jr.
Class of 1981

A Special
Publisher's Note

The 2010 DAA Annual Scholarship Banquet

The 2010 Douglass Alumni Convention will be held in Atlanta Ga.

...for transportation from DHS to ATL and back contact Regina Hill

DAA Memphis TN

"Memorial Bricks"
Any and everyone can purchase bricks to be place in the school, on the "Memorial Wall" for a friend or loved one.

Class President, Robert “Chicken” Johnson from the Great Class of 1959
is gathering the troops!
For more information please email: Georgia Bland Braswell Gleese.
Event  Chairperson gleeseg@bellsouth.net

Ronald Claxton is looking for the class of 1979 regarding it's
"30th Class Reunion".
Please help to locate anyone you know in the class of '79.
Ronald's email address is: reunion1979dhs@aol.com his immediate telephone # is: (901)581-6675


2009 DAA
Christmas Party!

2009 Election Guidelines

NDAC Membership Form


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