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Dear Sisters & Brothers:
Shortly after the holiday celebrated as Thanksgiving by most of the United States, the Village Square Collective, Inc. under the stewardship of the host Junior-Jawara Blake invited Angela Molette (Spokesperson for the Black Indians and The Five Civilized Clans) as a guest on the radio program “Health Is Here” heard on New York radio station WVIP-93.5 FM on Saturday mornings from 6-8 a.m.
The intention of the show was to offer further exposure to conflicting information and provide clarification to the community regarding the Thanksgiving holiday.

Angela Molette is a descendant of the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nation Citizens whose group is composed of all Black Indians - who arrived here years prior to Columbus’ misadventure. They have always referred to themselves as “Black Indians” and revealed to our audience that most of the names of the states and their counties had Black in the names so that Black not only referred to the people, but also to the land and the lifestyle of the people.

We who were educated within the United States and throughout the Diaspora were always led to believe that “Black Indians” were primarily freed slaves who intermarried and intertwined themselves into the culture and the traditions of the “Native Americans” who were people of a red hue.

We were literally shocked to hear and be presented with historical information, treaties and narratives to the contrary in that those groups/individuals/clans who refer to themselves as Black Indians are historically the first and only indigenous group of Indians in North America and that those more Asiatic or red skinned individuals/groups/clans whom we currently identify as Native Americans are people who were mixed with whites as a result of rape, pillage and the enslavement of the Black Indians with forced migrations to reservations and internment camps.

These Asiatic looking Indians were half-breeds and were related to the Black Indians as a result of what can only be termed as an attempt at ethnic cleansing and genocide of the original people by the United States government. After we were able to wrap our minds around these and other concepts we arrived at the topic of health and the current state of the Black Indians not only in Oklahoma where Mrs. Molette hails from but also bands of Black Indians who are almost extinct throughout the Southern and Western parts of the United States.

When we heard the horrific conditions under which the Black Indians were enduring we wondered if we could be of more service to them than a radio program and undertake a mission on their behalf.
They are in dire need of medical help and assistance. They are suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, poor nutrition, cancer, (prostate cancer, lymphomas, leukemia, breast cancer etc.) poor to no obstetric and gynecological services, poor pre-natal services, arthritis, osteoporosis, lack of dental hygiene, gout, and these are just a few.
We decided at that moment to enlist the services of the Organization for International Development, Inc. (OID) www.oidinc.com http://www.oidinc.org/ since they have the extensive experience, expertise and wherewithal to assist us in this undertaking.

Our approach would be two-fold so that instead of burdening the OID singularly with this mission we would also do significant outreach to other medical organizations and alternative healthcare practitioners and providers throughout the community to participate in this endeavor. However, we would ask the OID to take the lead in helping us to organize and structure the mission.
We have been in touch with Angela Molette and they have suggested that we journey to Enid, Oklahoma during the first week-end of October when all of the Indian nations of the Five Civilized Tribes come together in a large POW WOW weekend, and the access to the different bands which need assistance would be optimal at this time. Therefore, we are suggesting Thursday, October 2 through Monday, October 6, 2008 for this mission.
Angela Molette’s previous occupation was that of a nurse, she is now a historian and primary spokesperson for the Black Indians. In order to benefit from the lowest airfares to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma we must book by or before June 15, 2008. (After this deadline you may still contact us regarding this mission).

In order to volunteer and reserve your space and find out additional information regarding this journey, please call 347-210-6464.
We of the Village Square Collective, Inc. trust that you will give this request for assistance your highest priority.
Nuff love & respect,
Dr. Roy Streete (718-652-3978)
Karyn G. Binns (347-210-6464)
Junior-Jawara Blake (718-653-4140)



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