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A Silent Revolution?......Not A Revolution at all.

An Editorial
by James Yates Jr.

(CFN-October-2008) - With the 2008 Presidential election now under way I can't help but to think how many Black Americans will be voting for Barack Obama simply because his skin is black, while many whites that are following the campaign and supporting his candidacy are voting for him for many other reasons. As an Independent who will vote for who I think the best candidate is, I get the sense that many Black Americans are taking this opportunity to make a statement. That statement being that we as black folk are tired of the status quo. But do we really believe that an Obama administration will bring about such a unique change that will allow us to once again have faith in America and believe that it will live up to it's words in the constitution?

Let's examine the facts:

Obama's cabinet is sure to be made up of the "usual suspects". You know those same politicians that have subscribed to the ways of this government that during their watch oversaw what was happening in America and stood by and did nothing to stop it nor speak out on it. You know the majority of the Senate and Congress voted for the bail out of Wall Street. While main street was mentioned, experts and others are now wondering if any of those billions of dollars will actually make it to our street.

My question has been from day one, can you really make change when you operate from within the same rules, using the same people, and those people are clearly not willing to change.

I believe one thing is certain and for sure; America is more divided now than it has been in a very long time. Over the basic fundamentals of what our Union has attempted to instill in all of it's citizens. That being the right to feel, think, and exercise our freedom of speech as we see fit. I just lost a friend of more than 10 years because I did not agree with her that Obama is the best man for the job and that I had yet not agreed to give him my support. Suddenly I, along with those that did not see it her way was dumb and stupid for not supporting one of my own. One of my own? Is Obama Black or White? Is he a Black man or a White Man? What exactly did she mean? And to add insult to injury this older Hispanic woman attempted to tell me how I should feel as a Black man and where my loyalty should lie.

I say to my brothers and sisters that have supported me in many ways that if you vote for Obama just because he has Black skin, you are doing the very same injustice to America that the White man has done with his racist and discriminating acts as he perpetrated his evilness against people of color in this country.

I respect those white, hispanic and others, old and young that support Obama. They truly are the ones that should be held in high regard for they have overcame the color barrier and have found it within themselves to support a person of color regardless and who knows what race they really are.

Not only have I said in previous writings that we have become just like the white man, but this election is really showing just how much alike we are to him. I do not understand how one can cry racism and be quick to practice it themselves by voting for a presidential candidate solely based on his color.

Aside from who's supporting who, the fact remains that unless the next President is willing to go against both Democrats and Republicans we are going to get deeper and deeper in this pile with each passing day.

America wants not only CHANGE as Obama says it, we want a certain kind of change. Let's start with congressional change. The behavior of our congressional leaders is nothing to write home to momma about. We not only want change, but we want change to a banking system that seems to write their rules as they feel fit with a rubber stamp from congress. We not only want change, we want change on Wall Street; for too long they have been able to rape the American public then turn around and ask us to pay for it AGAIN. So change is good, and riding the campaign on such a notion is good as well, but what are you going to put after the word change. This I think is where Obama falls short.

In CFN's very first issue I stated that all Americans want the same things in life. A home, a good dependable car, good education for our children and the ability to save for that rainy day. To run a campaign on these ideas is good, but we have heard it before. I want specifics.

So although I am much closer to the Democrats than the Republicans I say "Show me the specifics when you talk about change". Change where and change what?

In closing, I leave this to my readers. Many times when we are tested, it's not always the case that we know the answer, but to know what is not the answer is just as important. And frankly, I'm not sure if I can say the Republicans is not the answer because Congress and the Senate is made up of both Republicans and Democrats. But as C.R.Y. says it, "We do have a choice", and it doesn't have to be either one of the front runners.

Stay tuned for more from CFN on the 2008 Presidential Election. And please send emails if you would like your voice heard and shared with our readers.


James Yates Jr.


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