Hypocricy in the Halls of Congress
by James Yates Jr.

(CFN-February 14, 2009) - My 10th grade English teacher, Ms. J. Williams taught me how to master the use of a dictionary. Therefore, I often begin my writings quoting the established standard for use of the English language, Webster. Today I speak of hypocrisy. Because the face of racism, bigotry and discrimination forever goes unchanged, it brings vivid displays of itself clearer and clearer with time.

Webster defines the word as meaning:

hy⋅poc⋅ri⋅sy 1. a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess. 2. a pretense of having some desirable or publicly approved attitude.

We all may have referred to our lawmakers at one time or another as belonging to the “good old boy” network. Back in the day, these “good ole boys” meant something to Black folk, and today not very much has changed. Their meaning and what they stand for continues today. Blacks have for a long time seen this “good ole boy” network in action. Most times, we were at the short end of the stick as the “good ole boys” administered their form of justice upon the people of color.

This brings me to the topic of this piece. “Hypocrisy in the Halls of Congress”.

Will someone please explain to me why the Senate Democrats as well as President Obama attempted to make Roland W. Burris disappear after he accepted the appointment from embattled Rod Blagojevich, the now only African American Senator in Congress?

Let us see, was it because Mr. Burris was not qualified? No

Was it because he did not receive the appointment from a sitting Governor? No. (Which by the way most states allow the Governor to fill vacated Senate seats while others hold special elections).

Was it because he is African American? Well, that has yet to be determined because the race card to have him seated certainly was play; and quite timely I might add.

So why did President Obama, the Senate Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid from Nevada, and side kick Senator Dick Durbin from Illinois quickly come out to say that they would deny Burris from being sworn in only to magically reverse their position. CFN says because of Legalities, popularity, and embarrassment.

It certainly was not legal for Burris not to have been sworn in and seated, it surely was not the most popular thing to even come out against, and it had started to cause a great deal of embarrassment for those hypocritical politicians that attempted to block his appointment. Trust me, if it even smelled as though it would have been legal to deny Burris, they would have fought it tooth and nail to try and pull it off.

They were clearly acting illegally; their actions were not receiving any positive press despite the wrongdoings of former Illinois Governor Blagojevich. In addition, the embarrassment had started to weigh heavily in Burris’ favor.

Hats off to the Senator from Illinois Roland W. Burris for going up against an already privileged group of white guys and beating them at their own game.*

A personal thought: These are the types of actions that Blacks in this country has seen since their beginnings in America. These types of actions are so indicative of the racism, discrimination and bigotry Blacks have faced and endured at the hands of White men. Not because of justice, not because of it being the right things to do, but simply just because they could.

The white establishment in America has shown at every turn that their interest in fair play, equal opportunity, and acting within the spirit of the law is flawed. They do not act as though they have a virtuous character, morals or even a sound religious belief or principles. Therefore being labeled hypocrites.

The God that I worship strikes down this behavior because God does not like nasty, bigotry, or evilness. In addition, when God strikes at them and brings pain to bear on them, 10 times fold, the same pain that they have inflicted against so many others, no one can say God is not just. God is always just.*






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