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Controlling the H1N1 Virus

An Editorial from the Publisher,
James Yates Jr.

(CFN-September 2009) - Recently I was invited to have lunch at a Memphis area elementary school.

Upon entering the lunchroom, I was surprised to find it so small. Well, small for me but I'm sure that to those grade schoolers this was one of the biggest cafeteria's ever.

I did not plan on writing an editorial about my school visit (which I will not call by name) because at the time I had no idea I would be writing about my visit, the cleanliness in schools nor the control of germs in schools. But because there are so many parents afraid of this H1N1 virus and the possible spread of it within our public school system, I thought I would write something regarding the status of many of our schools across the nation as it relates to cleanliness and the prevention of the spread of germs.

Back to my grade school visit. One thing that I noticed was that all of the children lined up, sat and had lunch in the cafeteria and not at any time during the process did I witness any disinfecting of tables between groups, or any disinfecting of any common areas during feeding.

In some of your worse restaurants, you have table cleaning and disinfecting between guests. Aren't our children valuable enough to have the same. And what about the problem of reduced staffing in the janitorial section of many of our schools. Are the bathrooms cleaned at all throughout the day. Who's inspecting the disinfecting of the facility. And what standards are they following. These are concerns of mine as a parent. Because the schools fall under an old and antiquated educational code that does not address many of the needs of our school aged children, does this mean that local health department standards are not followed for the schools?

With the upcoming flu season fast approaching and in many areas of the country already here, I fear the worse for our school aged children this and other flu seasons to come. Hourly scouring for germs, increased disinfecting during flu season are only some of the recommendations that CFN feels would address the spread of germs in our public schools.

We plan to follow up on this and other concerns that parents across the nation has voiced to CFN. Stay tuned for more...*

40 Years later...and Still No Pension
No clear answers on how to include sanitation workers into City's Pension

(CFN-Memphis TN July-2008) - The most recent developments in the Memphis sanitation workers plight seems to be the unknown cost or procedure for including new or existing sanitation workers into the city of Memphis' pension plan and getting the city's administration to engage in these talks along with other pressing health and safety issues within the Public Works department.



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