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In 2008, Congress approved a tax credit for first-time homebuyers that can be worth up to $7,500. The credit, however, acts more like a no-interest loan because it must be repaid to the government over 15 years.

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Discrimination On The Job
Bringing Down some of the oldest racist in the country
by James Yates Jr.

(CFN-August 2010) - The importance of whistle blower complaints in the workplace is about as important as receiving a paycheck at the end of the pay period. Its essential.

We highlight the following case as example of this fact.

The most important civil rights case for Blacks in the last 40 years! View this video clip first and follow this very important case.


The Vulcan Society, the official organization for New York city’s Black firefighters, is central to this case.


View this video in its entirety please. It is approximately 25 minutes in length. The video is a must see and is a press conference held with the Plaintiffs Attorney and current and former presidents of the Vulcan Society.


COMMONFOLKNEWS Online fully supports its brothers in the city of New York in their fight against some of the most blatant discrimination we believe to have been unveiled in the last 40 years.


We strongly encourage our readers to view the above videos in their entirety. This is a very important and encouraging case to Blacks across the country.


The Judges ruling in pdf.


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40 Years later...and Still No Pension
No clear answers on how to include sanitation workers into City's Pension

(CFN-Memphis TN July-2008) - The most recent developments in the Memphis sanitation workers plight seems to be the unknown cost or procedure for including new or existing sanitation workers into the city of Memphis' pension plan and getting the city's administration to engage in these talks along with other pressing health and safety issues within the Public Works department.



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